Inventors Council Lexington Open Meeting: Inventor/Entrepreneur Night at the Movies

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Join us for Inventor/Entrepreneur Night at the Movies, where we feature a movie that tells important lessons for EntreInventors.  But we don’t just sit down and watch a movie! We take selected scenes – then stop the action and discuss what the character was going through and how we can apply lessons learned to our own inventor/entrepreneurial journey.  

Join us at the Inventors Council Lexington for “Inventor/Entrepreneur Night at the Movies” featuring the hit movie “Jobs”.  But we’re not just sitting around watching a movie – we’ll take selected scenes, then stop the action to learn and discuss what they were going through, the challenges they faced, the good and bad decisions that they made and how they coped with them.  This time we focus on Apple founder Steve Jobs, who togehter with his friend Steve Wozniak, spark a revolution in home computers with Apple.  

Don’t miss this great way to watch, discuss and learn with this very entertaining and educational program!

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