About Us

108DSCF6361What We Do

The Inventors Network KY is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed promoting independent innovation both in our communities and across the state, and includes the Inventors Council Central KY and the Inventors Council Louisville.  We help inventors, entrepreneurs and other creative people through education, support and networking. 

How do we help Inventors & Entrepreneurs?

We Conduct Meetings, Workshops and Classes:

Each Month

Open Meetings (1st Tuesday of the month in Lexington / 1st Thursday in Louisville or Online)

Our Open Meeting is just that: open to everyone.  In these meetings, we get to network with other inventors and entrepreneurs, learn about important parts of the inventing process, and find out about upcoming opportunities for inventors and entrepreneurs.  We also have a featured speaker or special program each month, with topics that cover many of the varied steps necessary to become a successful inventor/entrepreneur.

Workshop for Inventors & Entrepreneurs (2nd Tue in Lexington /  2nd Thu in Louisville)

The Workshop is a different animal altogether.  This meeting is members-only (Right Now Membership is only $75/yr and you can join online HERE or at the Workshop), and completely confidential – all working under a joint non-disclosure agreement.  Members can bring in their invention, whether it is a finished product or just an idea – and receive input and advice to help them with where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.  And you don’t just get one person’s opinion, you get an entire room full of people with different skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences to help you see your idea or invention in ways you may have never thought of.  Some have likened it to a “Brainstorming Session on Steroids”.  And all the information and help you receive is yours to keep to help you move forward on your invention’s journey.

Be sure and check out our Calendar of Events to see more details on our

next Open Meetings and Workshops

Empowered Inventing Series

Our Empowered Inventing Series Training Classes are designed to help you with the important issues that every inventor and entrepreneur faces when trying to go from just an idea to launch to ultimately a successful invention, product or business.  

Classes include topics such as how to get started with your invention, protecting your idea, selling your products, finding your best idea, crowdfunding, pitching your idea and more.  

Be sure to check out our Empowered Inventing Series page for specific class listings and dates.

Who We Are

The Inventors Network KY, a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, includes the:

Inventors Council Central KY (Lexington) – Meetings & Workshops each month

Inventors Council Louisville – Meetings & Workshops each month 

Empowered Inventing Series Classes in Lexington & Louisville, as well as other sites throughout the state (Locations & dates TBA)

The current leadership for the Inventors Network KY is:

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President Don Skaggs

Raj Pic NS_128 ICon15

Vice-President – Raj Shah


Treasurer – Jim Hill


President Emeritus & Founder – Don West


 Why We Do It

At the Inventors Network KY, we are passionate about helping inventors, entrepreneurs and others improve their lives and the lives of those around them.