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The Inventors Network KY

Helping Inventors & Entrepreneurs through Education, Engagement & Empowerment

Inventors Network KY (Lexington)

CKIC Open MeetingFor over 20 years, the Inventors Council in Lexington has helped inventors and entrepreneurs with education and support services. 

We have been the go-to organization for helping inventors and entrepreneurs, with referrals from private and governmental agencies across Kentucky. One of the ways we do this is by holding 2 very different meetings each month.

1st Tuesday each monthOpen Meeting

2nd Tuesday of each monthWorkshop for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Our 1st meeting is open to the public, and features speakers on various topics of the different parts of the inventing process, as well as a chance to network and learn about opportunities.

Our 2nd meeting is very different – what we call our Workshop – is a brain-storming session where members meet under a joint confidentiality agreement, with each member having an opportunity to discuss and receive input on where they are, where they’re stuck, and where to go from here. The addition of our workshop is a very helpful tool in both educating and galvanizing the members, and is very unique to our industry.

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