Manage Your Idea/Invention/Startup

Introducing The Ecosystem

A Great New Software Tool for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Finally, an online tool to help you manage, test and track the progress of your idea, invention, product or startup


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A lot of inventors & entrepreneurs struggle with organizing, managing and evaluating their idea for the next great innovation, product or startup.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had an online tool for “getting a handle” on your idea, a way to test, plan and document the work you do and it’s progress?
Now you do with the Ecosystem!
 The Ecosystem is a great way to empower you to create, execute and grow in one customized environment.  It’s a digital command center for the housing and development of your ideas, businesses, projects and intellectual property.  It is designed to help you simplify, expedite and organize your invention or startup process.
Organize & Manage Your Product or Startup + the Work You Put Into It with the Ecosystem!