Empowered Inventing 1-2-1: One Hour of Coaching & Consulting


One Hour of Coaching & Consulting on your idea, invention, product, startup or business.  




We’ll set up a call so that I can learn the details of your idea, invention or startup/business. I want to know about your history, your current plans, and anything else that might help me create a custom plan for your invention.

At your option, you can purchase one hour each month to track where are, your progress, and how to proceed in attainable, 30-day steps. 

After 25 years as an inventor/entrepreneur and 15 years helping inventors & entrepreneurs, I have plenty of good creative strategies that should save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


What You Can Expect:

  • A 1-hour phone call with me so I can work with you through each step of your idea, invention or startup/business
  • A custom pdf of Strategy & Tactics


What We Need From You:

  • I need to know what you have already done up to this point
  • I need to know your availability for each monthly call
  • I need you to have an open mind :)


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