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Dave Mead – Mead Longbows


EntreInventor and Inventors Council Member Dave Mead has taken the amazing properties of Bamboo and developed an easy, powerful DIY hunting bow that folds up for easy transport!  This one-of-a-kind product combines ancient technology with modern performance, and serves the Survivalist, Prepper Gear, Archery, DIY, and STEM Education markets.  

Along with his Bow Kits, Dave also sells Instructional Books, specialty Bamboo Arrows and more on his website,, and has some very cool videos on his YouTube Channel.  Dave is not only the quintessential primitive archer, but also a great inventor and entrepreneur rising star. MeadLongbowsVideo MeadLongbowsProductAssembled MeadLongbowProductsFold

Dave is looking for ways to increase his reach into a variety of markets.

Cecil Runyons – Painter’s Halo


Cecil was looking for a solution to an age-old problem – keeping paint out of the can rim, so the lid would have a factory clean seal each time the can is opened for pouring and painting.  This led him to invent the Painter’s Halo, an economical product that is easily pressed into the can rim and completely fills the recess, keeping paint from entering and making a mess.  

The Painter’s Halo is the ultimate answer to a stress-free clean-up after your painting project, helping to preserve your sanity and saving you money.  

You can purchase the Painter’s Halo at any Woodcraft Retail Store.  Cecil is also actively looking for a licensing deal for his successful product. 



Adam & Kara Mays – Mommy Pouch

MommyPouch 4MB

Adam and Kara were looking for a solution to a problem that was close to home for them – finding a place to put all the things you have to juggle while out with the baby – cell phone, keys, extra pacifiers, snacks, etc.  So they went to work designing – by mom for mom – the Mommy Pouch.

Our Mommy Pouch provides instant access to essential items for your busy mommy life – and why not stay in style while doing it?

Sometimes, for those quick in and out trips, you may not have your diaper bag, but you can always have the Mommy Pouch.

MommyPouch2Just slip the universal design around the infant car seat hinge and snap the strap to fit, and you are organize and ready to go!

Tom & Gretchen Roentz – ShadeMount


The heat and glare from the sun made sitting on Tom & Gretchen’s patio unbearable. The umbrella had to be tilted to provide any shade but left half the table exposed. After searching unsuccessfully for something that would help make using their patio more enjoyable Tom came up with the idea for ShadeMount. A moveable umbrella holder that attaches to the deck rail. When in use, ShadeMount moves the umbrella away from the table and provides shade to a much larger area. Best of all, ShadeMount can be moved easily and the umbrella adjusted up or down to continue to provide shade as the sun moves. 

ShadeMount has been selling via the company website since 2013 with great success.

ShadeMount Before/After  
Tom & Gretchen are now also looking to license their product. 

Rob Voorhees – SureStay

IMG_0648Rob turned his own problem, needing a safe but secure way to tie his dog in the yard – into a great invention successfully sold on QVC and elsewhere.

Dan Atkinson – The Grassbuster

Dan Atkinson GrassbusterWorking in his lawn mower repair business, Dan noticed that when trying to clean all the impacted grass clogging a lot of mowers, there just wasn’t a good tool that had the right shape to reach and clean them quickly and effectively.  That was the inspiration for his invention, The Grassbuster.  Dan was successful in outsourcing manufacturing and selling his product to a number of distributors across the country, and eventually selling his business.